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About Pawz & Care

PawZ & Care started out as a small idea, while I sat around my living room with my pooch Blush. I’ve always felt a unique connection with all the animals I grew up with in my estate house in Chickamaglur. Some of my favorite childhood memories feature cows, dogs, peacocks, parrots and a deer even! So, as an adult, Pawz &Care felt like the natural transition.


The idea was to reach out and touch as many doggie lives as possible with a mere touch! All around we see pet parents ruing the fact that they don’t have the time to bathe and groom their dogs, sometimes letting months go between baths. This could lead to skin disorders and worse still, a feeling of neglect .

This is where I come in! Established three years ago, Pawz&Care, is a personalized grooming service that comes to your home and spends time with your pet. Regular grooming makes for healthier happier dogs, and a safer part of your family.


And of course, this also means a shiny and hearty coat for your pet to show off at the dog park!



What Our Customer Say

5 star - Prateek is a storehouse of helpful insights and tips about dogs. It's great to consult with someone who has a great understanding of and deep love for animals. Thanks for helping us become better pet owners

Thank you so much Prateek for making our precious little bernards day. You were so gentle and handled the dog with such perfect understanding.....made her feel and look like a little princess.... we can't thank you enough ...keep up the amazing job...

Preeti Negi

Pradivya Nambiar

5 star - Thank you for helping us find this little fellow and providing the right guidance to ensure a healthy and happy puppy. Having you around has been of tremendous help!

5 star- You had the courage to follow your dreams and have been blessed to actually be really good at it! You are the next big thing in the pet services industry in Bangalore!!


Tejas Niranjan

Sugi Gowda

5 star - Prateek u make it so easy for these special beings, treating them with extreme love and care. Have learnt so much from you in terms of understanding these beautiful souls.. Keep up the good work..


Nabil Sait

5 star - Love it ! Prateek's love and passion for dogs comes across so strong . One could be rest assured their baby is in trusted hands and will get pampered ...while grooming is the objective his role demands , his priority is the comfort of his little clients ... My baby Pepper loves him and so do we ... I would strongly recommend paws and care to all dog parents !! Way to go boy !!!


Meghana Sripathy

5 star - Prateek has immense patience and is passionate about dogs . He is amazing with the fur babies and did such a great job of pampering and grooming my Wiz . I would recommend him and @Pawz &care to all dog parents !


5 star - Prateek is a thorough professional and his love for dogs shines through. Kiloni has really enjoyed her grooming sessions with him ever since she was a very young pup. She's privileged to have a groomer who is excellent at his job and so caring.


Mamata Krishna

Archana Nagaraj

5 star - He has perfection in his job......thank u bro (prateek) for the grooming of my bheem (st bernad) . I and my dog (bheem) had a great experience and a good grooming session with u ......he feels relaxed and happy now...finally it was my dogiee's day with prateek.


5 star - I have 7 Shitzus which are quite a handful, but When Prateek comes they stand in a queue to get groomed, they love him! And we love Prateek as he does an excellent job, with lot of care, very professional set up and super efficient, thumbs up !


Suraj Gowda

Myriam Shankar Krafft

Lin Harris

5 star - Prateek was awesome he had Zozo's attention in a second. Zozo just loves him. He is really good with Zozo. I would recommend Prateek as the best ever trainer and groomer there is.

Malavika Pai

5 star - Prateek did a fabulous job with my Moby. A hyperactive shih tzu that he is, he was very comfortable with Prateek.
Rest assured, I'm getting him to groom my dog all the time


Arthi Deiva

5 star - Our 2 huskies don't mind bath time with Prateek. I can take care of my other work while my fur babies get all lathered up, clean, ear to toe and in the process, smell amazing! We always get compliments on the dogs after their baths. They can smell them from far away! I can trust Prateek with my dogs. I don't usually trust just about anyone handling them.


Kritika Naidu

5 star - Typing on behalf of my little princess since she can't type with her paws.Prateek you really have a compassionate way of turning a scared brat into a happy healthy good looking brat ! Pawz & Care on a scale of 1 - 10 dog biscuits you get 10


Sampath Vijaya

4 star - Very friendly and homely feeling I get when I availed the services of Prateek!!


Rashmi Rao

5 star - Prateek simply knows how to pamper pets. He's amazing at his work. Our GSD Junior loves his grooming sessions with Prateek. It's great to see the fab bond they both have.. 
Here's wishing you lots of wags and woofs along the way!


4 star - Our baby shitzu CHICO has been wwll groomed by pawz n care. Thanking Pratik. We like the idea of being able to avail this at our home.


5 star - Prateek The Absolute Best, I hope your business keeps thriving and Thank You on behalf of Lasso ,Muffin and Doofus (WE LOVE YOU)


Darshan Priya




Sonia Nichani

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